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Plumbing Service and Maintenance


Are Your Plumbing Fixtures Leaking?

Schedule Plumbing Repair Services in the Hudsonville and Zeeland, Michigan Area

Van Der Kolk Plumbing, LLC provides economical plumbing repairs for residential and commercial properties. We can fix your water heaters, pipes, faucets, shower valves, and other fixtures. Plus, if your water softener system isn't working properly, we can repair it and ensure everything runs smoothly. 

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Plumbing Services

3 Reasons to Schedule Plumbing Services in the Hudsonville & Zeeland Area

Our company offers maintenance work to ensure your pipes and fixtures continue to function correctly.

Here are three reasons to call Van Der Kolk Plumbing:

​ You want to avoid costly plumbing repairs.

​ You want to ensure you aren't losing water to subtle leaks.

​ You want to install modern fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen. 

Plumbing Maintenance
Plumbing Maintenance
Plumbing Maintenance
Plumbing Services
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